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Ten Reasons Why Glee 3D the Movie is Ameezing:

(Glee h8ters be nice.  Also, major spoiler alerts ahead.)

1.  It stars the most fun-loving and funnest cheerleading dwarf ever.

2.  It’s so unpopular that you get to watch it on a Tuesday morning (the only time it’s showing) and be the only people in the cinema.

3.  Which means you get to clap, cheer, get tearful with happiness, sing along as loud as your lungs can handle and not get judged.

4.  It’s like watching Glee the series but with popcorn, smarties and 3D glasses.

5.  Brittany S. Pierce

6.  Tiny dancing Asian kids.  Nuf said.

7.  Boys in school uniform singing ‘Teenage Dream’.  Nuf said.

8.  Loads of backstage footage.

9.  Gwyneth Paltrow.  Yes h8ters.  And she wears a short skirt.

10.  The fact that, any day now, the shelves of dvd stores everywhere will be filled with copies of Glee 3D The Movie.

Just Ameezing.


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Blush, Smiley Face, Blush

Today, in a shopping centre, an old lady came up to me and said, “Excuse me, do you speak English or Afrikaans?”

‘Um, english’, I replied.  And then she said, “Okay, I’ll speak english then.  I have to tell you, in all my seventy-six years I have never seen legs as nice as yours.”

I smiled and blushed and smiled and blushed and said something about my Friday being made and thanked her and wished her well.  As I was walking away she called after me, “Use them well!”

Maybe she was seventy-six years of crazy, but it sure was marvelous to have a stranger say a nice thing like that.  I’m a fan of stranger complimenting.  I’ve attempted it several times, with mixed reviews.  But still think it’s an ameezing idea.  Give it a try this weekend.  You could make someone blush and smile and blush and smile.


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Tyron Janse van Vuuren is Ameezing! And my brother! Yessssss.

Another super talented and ameezing brother?!  Yes, dear friends, yes.  My older brother, Ty, celebrates his birthday today.  Ty  is a brilliant writer, director, photographer, story-teller, animal whisperer and all round ameezing brother.  Happy, Happy Birthday Ty!  Thank you for teaching me how to be a Joburger, always taking care of me, laughing at my unfunny jokes and being a brilliant nickname giverer.  You are Ameezing.

Ty and Jack Jack

Check out Ty’s movie in the making, Shady Valley, here and here.  And shoots we did with our Mama and Papa here and here.


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Joel Janse van Vuuren is Ameezing! And my brother! Yessssss.

I am fortunate enough to be the sister and housemate of the ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren.  Since moving to Joburg at the beginning of this year Joel has humbly and brilliantly taken the fashion world by storm, starting with a standing ovation at Fashion Week in March this year .  Joel’s designs are whimsical, beautiful, unlike anything else I have seen before and completely delicious to wear.  And I am lucky enough to have many of them hanging in my cupboard.  Check out his website here.  And below are just a few of magazines he has been in this year.  I am a super proud sister.  Joel, you are ameezing and can’t wait to see what happens next…


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Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

This morning, whilst home alone, I fell.  I was standing on a book shelf, fixing a curtain, my foot touched the chair, the chair slipped out from under me (newly polished floors) and the chair and I went tumbling down.  Somehow not hitting any of the 56 000 sharp corners on the way down.  As I lay on the floor, face down, my jaw and ass mysteriously both aching, I suddenly thought I should put some pics of our house on Ameezing.  So inspired by my Humpty Dumpty moment, here they are.

Dining Room



Jack in the Box Bookshelf


Drinks Tray

Work Space

Michael Jackson and a Beaded Skull

Dinosaur Mug of Black Straw Joy

Dressing Table


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An Oldie But A Goodie


[Source Unknown]

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Here’s a Question for You…

So the other day, I was at a fancy bathroom fitting shop, I’m talking Hyde Park fancy, diligently waiting my turn to be served when a woman marched into the shop, Botox, pilates ass, expensive water bottle, and stood in front of me at the counter.  ‘Maybe she’s just picking something up’, I naively thought.  A misunderstanding perhaps?  Turns out, she was a great big pusher in.  Two of the most unameezing things in the world, littering and pushing in.  Both evil, selfish and just darn rude to the rest of us.  I open my mouth to say something to Pilates Ass and then close it again, and open it again and close it again.  So now I’m that girl who got pushed in front of, didn’t stand up for herself and looks somewhat like a fish.  My blood turned thick and syrupy with anger, my cheeks flushed and my eyes went all wide and crazy.  And still I did nothing but stand there and feel bullied.

I guess you could say that’s what karma’s for.  But my question to you, dear ameezing reader, is what is the best way to deal with that situation?  Does one stand all zen like and remember we’re all human and all want nice bathroom fittings and this is a fleeting moment that won’t matter in time? Does one stand, all self-righteous, hand on hip saying, ‘Excuse me, you and your extremely toned ass pushed in front of me’?  Or does one scold the shop keeper for not maintaining order in the maze of super shiny bathroom taps?  I really don’t know.

There must be some neat, ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ way of dealing with that situation where I say something, Pilates Ass says something, we all laugh and shake our heads, the shop keeper says something like, ‘You ladies have niceness on tap’.  Cue audience laugh, roll credits.  All black and white like.  That would be nice.  Failing that, I’m just a blotchy, wide-eyed girl imitating a fish, getting bullied by a woman with an amazingly toned ass.  And no one wants that.


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