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Be the first to see Ameezing’s New ‘About’ Page!

Apparently, the first place new readers go to after reading the article they have clicked on is the ‘About’ page.  It was time for a little make over for Ameezings.  So, in between afternoon Drakensberg down pours (so intense you kind of want to build an ark in the garage just in case) Joel the Ameezing and I sloshed through the garden to this little flower bed, against this lovely, aging wall to take some pics.

I have to confess that this kind of picture is not easy to take.  Somewhere in the awkward, self-conscious, no man’s land of self promotion, smiling is too much, not smiling is not enough. So a big thank you to Joel the Ameezing for your patience and determination to get the shots!

Check out the new page here or click on ‘About’ above the header pic.  Also, let’s be friends on twitter.  I always tweet new posts.  Or subscribe to get email notification of new posts.  My Dad just did!

Thanks for spreading the Ameezing love.


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Looking Back, looking foward…

I am so grateful for the year passed.  To friends, family, lessons learned, love loved, kisses kissed and stories unfolded.  To the year ahead filled with love to be loved, journeys to take, adventures to be had and the search of all things ameezing, of course.

Thank you for coming along with me.  What a privilege to share it all with you.

Happy New Year!

PS.  Ameezing New Year Resolutions coming soon.

[Photo by the lovely Justin]

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A Resolution about New Year’s Resolutions

Confession time… I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution.  Not ‘I’ve never kept one’.  I’ve just never even made one to start.  Blushy face.  Every year, at this time, if someone asks about resolutions I squint my eyes and vaguely answer something about exercising more or drinking more water, maybe even throw in a ‘take more risks’ if the moment grabs me.  But I’ve never actually sat down, made a list, stuck it to my bathroom mirror and then stuck to it.  Come what may.   No more, dear ameezlings, no more.

Armed with this inspiring post on keeping New Years Resolutions and the book ‘Getting Things Done’ – David Allen, I’m ready.  I’ve always been afraid (a general problem) that I wouldn’t be able to stick to them, or worse, would fail if I tried.  But this year, there is stuff I want to get done.  Small stuff, big stuff, stuff that’s not going to achieve itself, stuff.  So I’m boldly going where Ameezing has never gone before, to the land of New Year’s Resolutions.  The List…coming soon.

Do you make NYR’s?  Do you stick to them? What are they?
Do tell, do!


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On Growing Up with a Hot Mom

I can remember standing with my chubby, little tween nose pushed up against the glass of the gym studio, watching.  Watching as my leotard clad mom, skipped her way through an aerobics class, step class, gym class.  It was the 90’s and aerobics was what you did.  It was what my friends and I did after school, mostly wearing cycling shorts and oversized t-shirts with cartoon characters embroided on them.  It was what my Mom and her friends did, wearing lycra leotards and flesh coloured leggings, early in the morning after the school run.

My mom has always been beautiful.  Long, fiery red hair, ameezing body, elegantly dressed, eclectic jewellery.  My friends used to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over her wardrobe and her jewellery, hanging like exotic treasures on her dressing table.  She was the mom who my guy friends at college (you know who you are) would ask, “Hey, how’s your hot mom?”  I never used to aspire to look like my mom because, as the cliché of a chubby, awkward, never been kissed teenager, it just seemed so damn impossible.  It felt as if I would never be able to shed my cartoon boy t-shirts and don a figure hugging leotard.

As I grew up I slowly started to realise what glossy magazines had been shouting at me for years. Pardon the triteness:  Be comfortable with who you are.  Heck, be thrilled with who you are (letting go of my dream of being Winona Ryder in ‘Reality Bites’ was a hard but worthwhile exercise).  Beyond the leotard and perfectly toned ass (sorry mama, it’s true), my mom knew that lesson.  Infact, she and that lesson has been pals for years.  It’s where the hotness stemmed from.

And now, I look at my mom at 60, still with an ass to make men stare and women glare (sorry mama, it’s really true) and whole heartedly aspire to it all, the fiery red hair, the stare worthy ass and the getting a little older with absolute elegance and grace.


PS. More on my Mama here.


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You Know You’re In The Country When…

You accidently leave your car unlocked outside.  With your handbag in it.  For three days.
It takes you three days to realise you have misplaced your handbag.
Your entire shoe collection shrinks to gumboots.
9pm feels like midnight.
7am feels like midday.
One guy at the local bar is wearing boxer shorts.  And a t-shirt.  Pants? Bah.
Everything just tastes better.

PS.  Ten Things I learnt whilst house sitting in the country.

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You guys, Zooey Deschanel has a blog!

This morning, whilst I was watching Children of Men (as you do on Boxing Day), ameezing brother Joel wandered into the room and casually said, “Hey sis, you should check out Zooey Deschanel’s blog, I think you’d like it”.  Holy Panda’s Toenails was he right.  After a few clicks, ‘like’ very quickly turned to ‘love’ and then ‘wanting to have all of Zooey Deschanel’s blogging babies’.

Run by Zooey Deschanel and her two friends Sophia Rossi and Molly Mcaleer, Hello Giggles is an ameezing mix of articles about friendship, moms, music, d.i.y, general life stuff, a surprising amount of nail art, super talented guest authors and loads, loads more.  Think Tavi Gevinson singing a Joni Mitchell song dedicated to Mindy Kaling (an actual recent post).

Make yourself a big ol’ mug of tea/coffee/g+t before you check it out, you may be there awhile.  Hello Giggles.

PS. Channelling Zooey Deschanel’s character in ‘Winter Passing’ here and here.  And, my letter to Mindy Kaling.

[Image – Hello Giggles]

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Meanwhile in Winter…

Whilst we here in the Southern hemisphere sun tan, eat ice cream and admire our not-so lily-white any more toes, my friend Little Lauren and her man, Justin, are on holiday in the Czech Republic, skiing, drinking hot chocolate and visiting castles.  Little lauren sent me an email of news, included was a story of the first snowman that she has ever built.  Reading it made me want to hug her and tell her how grateful I am that we are friends.  High Five Little One.

Its snowing here and we built a snow man today. I loved every moment. We gave him charcoal eyes, a carrot nose, little pieces of charcoal for a mouth, stick arms, some buttons and a scarf. His name is Eddie. The snow stopped today and will probably melt tomorrow but when it snows again we’ll make Edwina.’


PS.  More on Little Lauren here and here.

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