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If MacGyver wrote a blog…

MacGyver’s blog would probably also feature things like cooking a feast for your friends with whatever is in your fridge and garage, a tutorial on how your scarf, mascara and iPhone cover can help you escape a broken down lift, and ten ways your braided friendship bracelets could save your life.  I do love me some D.I.Y.

DIY One, DIY Two-Five.

This weekend’s ghost tour post coming just now.

PS. I made curtains out of scarves.  You can too!


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Re: Make – Scarf Curtains (And the awesomeness that is living with a fashion designer)

As mentioned on Monday, I was super inspired and excited by the idea of making curtains out of vintage scarves for the awkward smaller window in my bedroom.  Because I’m a no-time-soon recovering scarfaholic,  I picked out the least worn, still loved ones and laid them out on the floor like a scarf curtain puzzle.  ‘Fillers’ were needed so I bought metres of fabric which became the strip along the bottom.

And then…the ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren sewed them all together into this lovely, one of a kind scarf curtain.  Scarf curtains might just be the new bees knees.


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Re: Make

Inspired by this, there’s a little D.I.Y project coming soon to Ameezing.  Yessssss.

[Image – The Concrete Catwalk]


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I Nearly D.I.Y -ed

Firstly, this post may win some kind of award for worst title ever.  Secondly, I sort of love a good-bad play on words.  Thirdly, I like making things that I wouldn’t usually buy.  I’m not really a ‘I could make that at home myself’ kind of gal.  So when I do D.I.Y, it’s normally to make something that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

With Summer on our doorsteps it was time to find a new way to house my tangle of hardly used necklaces.  Two old picture frames from a charity store (both for the price of a take away coffee), some dusty pink velvet, a few gold hooks, a lick of white paint and there wah, my necklaces and head bands have never felt snazzier.




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Guerrilla Gardening 101

Recently, my brother/housemate, Joel, and I went on a little guerilla gardening mission.  Now we’re rule keeping people, we return our dvds on time, recycle and don’t like getting into trouble.  And we live in an old Illovo flat with a strict, old aged body corporate.  So doing anything outside the rules, even for the good and greening of the building, still felt pretty risky.

We waited for the dead of a Thursday afternoon when everyone was having their old aged naps, dashed outside (with a soup ladle and a side plate as spades) and replaced the terribly sad-looking little shrivel of a root and some cigarette butts with a new, green plant.  Oh the joy, oh the rebellion!  Have you ever guerrilla gardened?  Check out this Guerrilla Gardening website for info, ideas and inspiration.  Happy Greening Anarchy!


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D.I.Y – F.U.N

I enjoy a bit of D.I.Y as much as some girls like puppies and ponies.  (Although I like puppies and ponies too.  And my birthday is on Tuesday…)  And so thought it was time to give this old telephone table a new look.  I was suprised by how good it looked in the ‘before’ photo as it was in much worse condition than it seems.

Inspired by my recent trip to the Victorian House in Auckland Park, I thought I would paint it blue and add some floral.  Interesting Victorian Fact: The colour palette of Victorian decor is actually much brighter than we know today.  It had to be bright because the houses were not well lit and detail was only evident in bright colours.  Victorian homes also had extremely heavy curtains and drapes to keep the harsh sunlight away from furniture and tapestries.  Unfortunately most Victorian decor left today has faded to an almost pastel palette.

So after a bit of sanding and painting and staple gunning, here is my semi retro, semi Victorian- inspired old/new telephone table.  I don’t actually have a telephone but it still is a great seat to read or write in the sunshine.




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