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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


I’d sell my puppy to be in Underberg at my parent’s house today, where at about two this afternoon it started to snow.  In my head, I imagine snow always falls to the sound track of those light Christmas bells in Romantic Christmas comedies.   I heard those bells today, chiming away when I saw these pictures.

Mama in the Snow



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Mr Ameezing Would Sell His Puppy For…

Okay, bear with me here.  This one comes with a ‘Romantic and Maybe Mildly Cheesy’ warning.  But still made my heart do the locomotion and my face scrunchle up into a grin.

The other day Mr Ameezing sent me an email that said, ‘I would sell my puppy to a Chinese Takeaway for this girl…’

‘Puppy selling what now?’, you ask.  Check out my original puppy selling wish list and how to get your own on Ameezing here.  And marvel at two Ameezing Reader’s wish lists here and here.



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My Friend James Would Sell His Puppy For…

James’ exact words in his email were “I would give my puppy to a homeless man for…”  Cars and girls.  Not just any car or any girl.  This fancy pants, black Ferrari 308 GTS (like Magnum PI used to drive, James tells me).  I don’t know much about cars, I drive a Daihatsu (Air con and SIX cup holders, what more could a gal ask for?) but I can see why you’d be giving your pets away for this sleek, retro ameezingness.

And Natalie, ah Natalie.  I think it’s safe to say we would all sell our puppies for Natalie Portman.  Or give them to her.  Whichever Natalie wanted.  Nice One James.

Wait, don’t call the SPCA before checking out the original puppy selling wish list here and The Lovely Cara’s puppy selling wish list here.  Send your wish list to camillajvv(at)gmail(dot)com and see it on Ameezing too.

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Cara Would Sell Her Puppy For…

These Little Beauts:

Anyone who knows The Lovely Cara in real life, would understand why she would sell her puppy for these sparkly puppies.  These Christian Louboutins (infact any Louboutins) would be ameezing with just about everything in Cara’s wardrobe and anywhere in her gorgeous, glamourous bedroom.

When Little Lauren saw these shoes she said, ‘Geez, I think I’d sell one of my kids for those’.

Check out more puppy selling wish lists here.  Seen anything you would sell your puppy for?  Email camillajvv(at)gmail(dot)com and see it on Ameezing too.


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I’d Sell My Puppy For…

I love puppies.  Puppies, babies and giraffes (I mean, come on!).  But there are a few things in this world that I would sell my puppy for.  On eBay, to the highest bidder, send it into the cold, dark night with Cruella De Vil if needs be.

So Ameezing has a new category called ‘I’d Sell My Puppy For…’  A picture wish list of ameezing things from around Joburg, the interweb, the world or just imagined.

Here are the first three things I’d sell my puppy for:

These Shoes:

I’m going through a bit of ‘an English train driver in the forties’ phase, style wise.  This, combined with a love for the circus and leopard print (from before it became so this season, I swear) made my knees go literally wobbly at the sight of these lovelies from Florsheim.

This Picture:

I’m finally moving this weekend.  And no new space would be complete without this awesome print from Mezzanine in Greenside.

This Puppy:

Okay, so I don’t actually own a puppy.  But if I did, I’d totally sell my puppy for this puppy.

Seen anything you’d sell your puppy for?  Send it through (camillajvv(at)gmail(dot)com) and I’ll do a post on it.  Eg. ‘Angelica Houston would sell her puppy for…’

Check out the column on the right for other categories.  Joburg, friends, People of Joburg, ameezing things etc.


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