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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


I’d sell my puppy to be in Underberg at my parent’s house today, where at about two this afternoon it started to snow.  In my head, I imagine snow always falls to the sound track of those light Christmas bells in Romantic Christmas comedies.   I heard those bells today, chiming away when I saw these pictures.

Mama in the Snow



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Gleeking Out

Today when I saw this:

I thought of her:

And these guys:

And that left me feeling like this:

Thank Google for these images.

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Guardians of Decay


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Love Actually…

I’m a divorced, hopeless romantic.  There, I said it.  And as a divorced, hopeless romantic (there, I said it again), my heart is filled with warmth at seeing moments of love, real love, quiet love, dare I say ‘old’ love.  Love that has spanned decades and survived many adventures.  The kind of love that gives renewed hope to divorced, hopeless romantics (that’s three times in one post now).  Love that no matter what happens, the journey has come this far.  What a privilege to witness moments like these between the oldest generation of my family.  I snapped these shots on our recent family holiday to the bush.  No one in these pictures knew they were being photographed, I was just lucky enough to see these moments and capture them.


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Guerrilla Gardening 101

Recently, my brother/housemate, Joel, and I went on a little guerilla gardening mission.  Now we’re rule keeping people, we return our dvds on time, recycle and don’t like getting into trouble.  And we live in an old Illovo flat with a strict, old aged body corporate.  So doing anything outside the rules, even for the good and greening of the building, still felt pretty risky.

We waited for the dead of a Thursday afternoon when everyone was having their old aged naps, dashed outside (with a soup ladle and a side plate as spades) and replaced the terribly sad-looking little shrivel of a root and some cigarette butts with a new, green plant.  Oh the joy, oh the rebellion!  Have you ever guerrilla gardened?  Check out this Guerrilla Gardening website for info, ideas and inspiration.  Happy Greening Anarchy!


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Small Fish, Small Pond

Yesterday, I hooted loudly at someone in the traffic who was going through the intersection when it was my turn.  I turned my head as they drove past to glare through their tinted window and give them my best ‘I’m not angry just very disappointed’ face, only to see it was infact my own darling older brother, sheepishly grinning back at me.


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My Family and Other Animals

Last week, twenty of my family members and I went on a week-long holiday to a bush lodge to celebrate my Mom and Uncle’s 60th birthdays.  Knitting was knitted, wine was drank, cheetahs were patted, much merriment was had around the campfire, babies were baby sat, poker was played, game drives were driven, dessert was eaten after pretty much every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and I spent a lot of the time marvelling at this group of interesting, loving, special and wonderful gathering of people who I get to call my family.  We stayed at the Ameezing Tshukudu Game Lodge.

My Mama, Papa and Ameezing Hunter - Best Photo Ever

Baby Tristan


Lovely Maxine


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