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Dear Mindy Kaling…

Dear Mindy,

May I call you Mindy?  Miss Kaling sounds a little bit like a terrifying music teacher I used to have.

Dear Minds, How the heck are you?

I received your book this weekend.  In the post, just like olden times.  I took my little collection slip to the post office, queued with the grannies buying Powerball tickets and when the moody postal worker handed me a brown Amazon envelope, I literally gulped down a tear or two.  Or seven.  Your book was a suprise gift from my friend The Ameezing Jacqui.  I sat in my car outside the post office, paging through it.  Camilla 0 Tears 100.

Has anyone ever cried over your book?  I guess now they have.

So Minds, I love your book.  It’s funny, smart, unpretentious, honest and with just the right amount of poking fun at your chubby, teenage self.  Everything I aspire to be and do as a writer.

I once proposed to Tina Fey (I am still eagerly awaiting her reply), and would like to not only invite you to the wedding, but also say let’s be friends.  You can regale me with tales of fame and Steve Carell and I can tell you all about life in Joburg and Powerball ticket buying grannies.

If you, Tina and Amy ever need a fourth person for book club or quilting group or ironic aerobics classes, my schedule is always wide open.

Thanks for the book.  Please tell Amy to get writing.




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Five Things Friday

It’s Monday and it’s Five Things Friday, what a day!

As mentioned here, a little while ago on a weekend away in the Magliesberg, we played dress up at dusk.  I was really excited about styling and shooting my friend Lauren.  And holy panda’s toenails, was she brilliant.  A big thank you to Aadil for taking these beautiful photos, to Lauren for diving right in, to the lovely Nola at stuff that’s nice and to Judge, for being the best spur of the moment lighting guy a gal could ask for.

Five Moments At Dusk


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When things go awry…

The word on everyone’s lips, well definately mine, is ‘Where is Five Things Friday?!’  Dear Ameezings, sometimes as hard as you try, the internet gods will not be kind.  I’m sorry for the delay.  I have at least three of my favourite technically minded people working on it.  And regular programming will be back quicker than a bee’s sting stings.  Happy Monday to you.

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Good advice, Melville.

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Five Things Friday – A Wednesday Sneak Peek

This ethereal, Victorian beauty of a lady is my friend Lauren.  A few weekends ago, whilst in the Magliesberg, we did a little shoot, just for funsies.  Mostly in an abandoned swimming pool and with a dead turtle for company.  I’m super happy with how the pictures came out and this Five Things Friday I can’t wait to show you some of my favourite shots.

Ooh, and today, Lauren is officially 15 days away from becoming a doctor. Of medicine! Ameezing.

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Going Solo

…deep breath…Mr Ameezing and I are no longer together.  Let’s start there and work backwards.  I have slinky-ed with the idea of talking about this here for the past few weeks.  And in the last day or two (and with Mr Ameezing’s consent) I decided to write about this part of my story.

The details are just for us, but to say it happened and happened for a reason.  Mr Ameezing remains just that.  And my hope is that we will be friends for a long time.

As for me, I find myself in a twi-lit place of being alone but not lonely.  Of believing in love without living it right now.  And of somehow remaining a hopeful, hopeless romantic.  To new adventures, in whatever form they may come.


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Tulle at the Zoo

It’s time for a new header picture, yippee.  A big thank you to Aadil for risking life and limb (standing in the middle of a busy road) and intense afternoon heat to take these pictures and for all the post work.  And to Joel, for the loan of the gorgeous tulle skirt and editing in the final touches.

And to Joburg, city of ameezing, secret backdrops.  This one, at the Joburg Zoo.  A lion’s roar away from the Angel Statue.


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