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A Little Friday Secret

A mini secret, here goes…  I hope I can remember how to kiss.  Blushy face.

Share a mini secret too if you like.  It’s super liberating!

[This picture is what happens when you are trying to snooze but something is sticking into your head and then you realise it is a jewellery tag (who knows how long it has been there) and you start making shapes with it instead of snoozing.  Which you desperately need to do.  Snoozing, not shape making.]


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Trench Coats, Not just for Superheros.

So I bought a trench coat for the impending deliciousness that is Autumn (like totally my favourite season) and first Winter.  I just made up the phrase ‘first Winter’, meaning those beginning stages of Winter where determined brown leaves still stick to blackening branches and goosebumps just mean goosebumps not, ‘Why aren’t you wears stockings, crazy, blue lady?’

Wearing it (only around the house at this point because we’re still in last Summer) makes me feel all grown up, explorer-ish and exactly like this lady.  Ameezing.

Save up some cappuccino money and get your First Lady/Super hero/First Winter trench coat at Trenery.

PS.  Check out some neck companions for trench coats here.


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Hi ho, hi ho.

Tuesday was a really, really, really difficult day at work for me (I would have liked to add in more ‘reallys’ but you get the idea).  One of those days where crying and punching seem like the only two options but instead you do neither and go through the motions of just getting it done.  And then maybe go around the back of the building and cry until you are wailing, wait for your face to unblotch and go back inside like nothing is up and you just went to the bathroom for a really long time.

Anyways, what I learnt from a day like this is  to remember to move through the experiences you suddenly find yourself in with as much grace as you can muster.  That the moment will pass but you want to look back knowing that you stayed as close to the best version of yourself as you could.  And that friends and friend’s hugs are truly ameezing.



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Some Words to Make your Mouth Turn Upwards

Fancy pants sentences pasted against interesting backgrounds are scattered all over the internets like ticks on a bull in the hot, hot sun.  I don’t post them often as they always feel a little like blog cheating, but these three had my mac mouse hovering a little longer.


[All found here.]


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Old Man Circus Shoes

It took me a long time to realise that I love and feel most comfortable wearing shoes that look like they belonged to male Siamese twins in the circus during The Great Depression.  A little bit strange, a little bit boyish, a little bit surprising, a lot ameezing.

Welcome to the family, old man circus shoes.

[Get your old man circus shoes from Rage – for the price of exactly 9 cappuccinos]

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Good gravy, they sure do grow up fast.

You guys! Ameezing had her first feature!  The lovely Jemma Louise over at Lola and Frank wrote a post on her three favourite blogs and I was super thrilled and ameezed that Ameezing was one of them! Thank you Jem.  Check out the article and  her gorgeous, little Durban blog here.

PS.  My five favourite blogs of all time.



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Pack your pjs and come with me, back in time, to Paris.

Tucked away unashamedly in Northlands Deco Park is a little jewellery box, treasure chest, magicalness of a shop called La Bella Maison.  From crystal chandeliers and french furniture to vintage wedding dresses, this space is a fantasy land of old world whimsy.  Also, they have ameezing cakes and coffee whipped up by a wonderfully friendly barista.

Pack some padkos and make the well worthwhile trip to Unit 21, Deco Park, Northriding. (Just down the road from Chamdors Factory Fabrics).

PS. Another favourite, ameezing Joburg store here.


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