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Gun Totin’ Orphans

Growing up, these two identical paintings hung in the corridor outside my bedroom.  And it never once occurred to me that they were of gun toting orphans.  I just loved them.  And oh the Ryan-Gosling’s-biceps sized crush that I had on the artist friend of my parents who had painted them.  He was a red head (kids, that’s what we used to call gingers), and wore veldskoens long before they were a thing.

A few months ago Joel and I asked my parents if we could hang onto the paintings for a while, and oh happy day they said yes.  They are called ‘The Shadow : A shock of guns’ and the artist is Walter Hayn.

In other news, it’s been a good week for neck adornments, with this new bunting necklace (from Sass Diva) also wandering onto my jewellery holder.  Two Frock Pics posts in one week, good gravy.

Thanks Joelie Joel for taking these photos.

PS. See more things in our home here.



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Part Librarian, Part Skull.

This vintage, librarian top (last worn as part of a Voortrekker outfit to a dress up party), seemed just the thing to go with a new, teeny skull necklace.  Welcome to the family little skull face.  Found at Rozanne and Pushkin.  Check out more ameezing finds here and here.

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Trench Coats, Not just for Superheros.

So I bought a trench coat for the impending deliciousness that is Autumn (like totally my favourite season) and first Winter.  I just made up the phrase ‘first Winter’, meaning those beginning stages of Winter where determined brown leaves still stick to blackening branches and goosebumps just mean goosebumps not, ‘Why aren’t you wears stockings, crazy, blue lady?’

Wearing it (only around the house at this point because we’re still in last Summer) makes me feel all grown up, explorer-ish and exactly like this lady.  Ameezing.

Save up some cappuccino money and get your First Lady/Super hero/First Winter trench coat at Trenery.

PS.  Check out some neck companions for trench coats here.


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Old Man Circus Shoes

It took me a long time to realise that I love and feel most comfortable wearing shoes that look like they belonged to male Siamese twins in the circus during The Great Depression.  A little bit strange, a little bit boyish, a little bit surprising, a lot ameezing.

Welcome to the family, old man circus shoes.

[Get your old man circus shoes from Rage – for the price of exactly 9 cappuccinos]

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Ying, yang and a little Monday Bliss

At the moment I’m practising the art of not feeling like something bad is going to happen just because there is so much love and happiness to be found.  Why do we ying and yang our lives like this? An inexplicable fear of the good because we think it means that bad is coming.  I’m working on only enjoying and celebrating the good.  For just what it is.  Happy Monday, dear friends.


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A Green Skirt and Some New Year’s Resolutions

Top – Vintage  Skirt – Ameezing Joel  Shoes – Woolworths

As mentioned, I’ve never ever made New Year’s resolutions.  Until now!  Here’s my virgin list of resolutions. I’m going to be checking back on them regularly and feel really excited to tick this list off one by one.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Remember people’s names when we first meet (Until now, I have been terrible at this)

Get written work published

Travel to Australia and see two of my favourite people say ‘I do’

Go on a blind date (half because I never have and half because I think it will make for a great post(!)

Shop at smaller grocery stores (Woolworths, I do love you but your death by packaging and sameness is not a look anymore)

Spend a night in a  fancy Joburg hotel

Print out and sort more photos

Make over my bedroom

Get two new tattoos.  Yip, two

Be braver, bolder, less afraid, more open

Share yours below if you like. I’d love to hear them.  Here’s to an ameezing 2012.

[Thanks to Ameezing Joel for taking these frock pics]


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The Year was 1984

So this was the last time I modelled:

I was four years old and modelling for my aunt who was a fashion student at the time.  I don’t remember much about the experience except reeally liking that Hello Kitty compact and the plastic-y smell of the sports bag.  In 2012 Ameezing the Blog is going to be growing in all kinds of directions and the one of those directions is Frock Pics or ‘What I wore today’ posts (I think I’ll stick with ‘Frock Pics’).  I’ve never done any before, except for this one, so I thought the beautiful backdrop of the Drakensberg mountains was a good place to dip my toes in this idea. I’m wearing a vintage dress, vintage belt and gumboots from the Oriental Plaza.  Ha ha, this is going to be fun!

Tomorrow is my family’s faux Christmas.  We’re all going to be in separate places on the actual Christmas so we’re celebrating tomorrow.  With the exception of faux Christmas Day,  Ameezing the Blog is not going on holiday at all.  The search of all things Ameezing continues!  So when you’re not on the beach, on skiing, or decking the halls with bells of holly, stop by and say hi.

Thanks to Ameezing Joel for taking these pics.


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