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Ghost Stories

Pre-Ghost Tour snacks at our house.  Ghost Pops, Skull Gums and ‘Veins’. Obs.

Pre-Ghost Tour ghosts at our house – Make yours with balloons, sandwich paper and a permanent marker.

On Saturday night, seven of us friends put on as many layers of clothing as we could find and headed out into the freezing (literally) Joburg night to The Mystery Ghost Bus Tour.  The tour is run mostly from a bus (with the locations kept secret and changing with every tour).  And includes two pubs stops and a midnight visit to a graveyard.  Even though I am a huge scaredy cat, I would really like to go back to some of the buildings that we saw and go exploring.  Did you know that there is a castle in Kensington?  Our Kensington?!

There were several times where I found myself wanting to yell, ‘Stop the bus! Let’s go inside and find ourselves some ghost friends!’  And I would have loved to hear some more stories and details of the buildings we drove past.

It was fascinating to be reminded how old and steeped in stories of days gone by our city is.  And ameezing to be on a midnight adventure with friends.  And hip flasks.  Ooooooohhoooo.

Vital Ghost Tour Prep.

Cousin Robyn

This is what zero degrees at midnight in a graveyard looks like.  Thanks James for this photo.

Pub stop at The Troyville Hotel.  The moment we all became zombies…


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Pyjamas in the Parking Lot

My brother Joel, saintly helping me carry box loads of things to the car.  Long before his normal waking up time.  Thank you brother.

You guys, give your siblings a big ol’ hug today.


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This past weekend I went to the theatre to watch some dance pieces and a great band.  After the show, whilst milling around in the reception, some of the audience were asked to fill out surveys.  How often do you come to the theatre? How did you hear about this show?  I was dutifully juggling my theatre wine and clip board, ticking boxes like there was no tomorrow and then, then I got to the age section.  You guys, the only box appropriate for me to tick (without lying) was 30-50.  There it sat, just below 25-30 (which suddenly sounded insanely youthful), looking up at me, sweetly waiting to be slashed through the belly with a pen mark.

I lent against the wall for support and dragged my brain back out of the rabbit hole of ‘aahhhhhh’.  And then I started thinking, waidaminute, nowadays, sometimes, mostly in fact, I feel so happy and grateful.  Simple little words ‘happy’ and ‘grateful’.  Words straight out of a pre-school song, and yet, so powerful in the way they open doors, that you never knew where there, to the garden and let the sunshine in.  If being in the 30-50 box means hanging out with those two words, then I’m grabbing a sun hat, taking my shoes off and getting comfortable.

I took a sip of wine, gave the (newish) ol’ smile lines some exercise and slashed that box straight across the belly.

PS. I am most grateful for this sound.

[My brother Joel is a fashion designer and the taker of this photograph.  You guys, he is ameezing.]

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Australia – Part Two

In Australia:

This was the closest we came to seeing kangaroos.

Although we did hang out with this little guy.

We visited the Gallery of Modern Art.  But somehow I only came away with photos of this Mad Men-esque water feature

There is a book called ‘Camilla the Cupcake Fairy’. Nuff said.

We stood under these life size whales chilling in a corridor, just so.

Joel and Jacqui’s Dad were snapsies.  Happy face.

Joel and Stiaan were snapsies.  Moody face.

We spontaneously stopped at this garage sale (a real garage sale!) but didn’t buy anything, although I was secretly coveting a black, ceramic panther.

We walked along a fake beach.  Because there was one.

I also pumped gas for the first time.  Went to Ikea for the first time.  Went to a dress up party dressed as a swing dancer.  Ate a Macdonalds burger, even though it had fallen on the ground.  Had a very near bat attack incident. Went for loads of walks at night (one of my all time favourite things to do). Ate an ice-cream called Golden Gaytime.  Bar hopped across the city (that’s as rare for me as Macgyver using hair mousse).  Wore flip flops for more than 3 days in a row.  And called them ‘thongs’ because that’s what you do in Australia.  Ate a teeny piece of kangaroo steak (its sold in supermarkets).  Took the bus a lot.  And stood next to two incredible women as we watched our incredible friend marry the husband of her dreams.  It was ameezing.

There are many photos of many people and moments that I would have loved to post.  But I’m going to keep it this brief.  Thanks to Stiaan (dreamy kangaroo hugger in the first photo) for letting me poach some of his holiday pics.  Wedding photo taken by the wonderous Grant Marshall.

PS. Australia – Part One.


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Australia – Part One

Ameezing Travel Companions

So Much Blue

I’m not so good in aeroplanes.  I get the ration of it, more chance of dying in a car crash or being swallowed by a zebra etc.  But the other side of the giant tin can coin is a whole bunch of strangers, in the air, together in an enclosed space, mostly travelling ACROSS THE OCEAN.  Even thinking about it makes my knees go wibbly and my throat go small.

But, 7 rescue remedy tablets and 2 plastic bottles of aeroplane wine later (I managed to skip the Valium, woo hoo), we landed in Australia.  And so began a trip so spectacular that I would fly across one meellion oceans in one meellion tin cans just to do it all again.  Really.  As if being reunited with the wonderous Jacqui and Ryan wasn’t enough of a joy, meeting their friends, spending time with them and falling a little bit in love with all of them was such an enormous, special part of the trip.

Happily, there was very little shopping done.  A few presents aside, I came back with a hair doughnut and some magical velcro thingys that allow you to hang pictures without making holes in the walls (thanks Bernie Chin).  Our time was spent eating dinners, hanging out, going into the city for drinks, hanging out, sleeping in, hanging out, reading (The Hunger Games, The Grazia – only the finest literary material) a party or two and a wonderful, perfect, extraordinary wedding day.

I am so, so grateful to everyone that we met, spent time with and hosted us.  Your generosity was overwhelming and well, just ameezing.  Thank you, thank you.  And Jacqui and Ryan, you guys are rays of light in all of our lives.  And the glue.  You guys are gluey rays of light.  And we love you.

Travel Companion with Beanie

Sign at the Airport

Brisbane City

Tourists and The City


The Metcalfes

Walking = Love


Part Two coming soon. Yesssss.


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So you know one of those evenings when you have a glass of wine, eat a salad and buy a ticket to Australia? Yip, last night was one of those.  In April I’m going to be celebrating with these two incredible people when they say ‘I do’.  Just A.meezing.


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Today just seems like a really good day to post this picture.  Jacqui, Lindsay, Lauren.

And Ryan, Jacqui’s beloved and the taker of this photograph.

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