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Ten Reasons Why Glee 3D the Movie is Ameezing:

(Glee h8ters be nice.  Also, major spoiler alerts ahead.)

1.  It stars the most fun-loving and funnest cheerleading dwarf ever.

2.  It’s so unpopular that you get to watch it on a Tuesday morning (the only time it’s showing) and be the only people in the cinema.

3.  Which means you get to clap, cheer, get tearful with happiness, sing along as loud as your lungs can handle and not get judged.

4.  It’s like watching Glee the series but with popcorn, smarties and 3D glasses.

5.  Brittany S. Pierce

6.  Tiny dancing Asian kids.  Nuf said.

7.  Boys in school uniform singing ‘Teenage Dream’.  Nuf said.

8.  Loads of backstage footage.

9.  Gwyneth Paltrow.  Yes h8ters.  And she wears a short skirt.

10.  The fact that, any day now, the shelves of dvd stores everywhere will be filled with copies of Glee 3D The Movie.

Just Ameezing.


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