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Five Ameezing Things, Every Friday

Five Things {Friday}

So it’s Saturday, but I reeally wanted to post this Five Things Friday anyway.  Here are five books that changed my life.  From adventuring to another time, celebrating your inner nerd, pre-facebook one sentence stories, sex and the word sorcerer that is Annie Proulx, these five books are the bees knees.

‘Hypnotizing’ is the best word I can think of to describe the way Annie Proulx  weaves a series of words together to form a sentence so rich and beautiful that one, two or even three reads of it finds you uncovering layer upon layer of a world you previously didn’t know yet somehow now pumps through your veins.  Yes, I’m a fan.

My favourite book of hers is actually a collection of short stories called ‘Bad Dirt’, which seems to have disappeared off my bookshelf, sad face.  Do you have it?!

The best thing about the movie?  The green dress.  The best thing about the book?  Everything.  I read it once a year.

This book has been in my family for at least twenty years.  Rediscovering it the other day took  me right back to being an awkward, blushy tween.  I remember paging through it thinking ‘this book is so brave!’  Sorry future kids, I’ll try make sure you don’t have friends over when I whip it out for you to blushingly page through.

Long before status updates or tweeting, Ernst Hemingway wrote the six worded story, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.  This little gem of a book is filled with six-worded memoirs.  On first reading of these mini stories I fell in love with the idea of an entire story in a little pocket of a paragraph.  It taught me a whole new way of writing.  Read some of mine here, if you like.

Most people would like to meet presidents or rock stars or Gary Player, I would do almost anything to share a latte with Tina Fey.  And then she wrote a book and my heart was never quite the same.  Buy this book, read this book,  laugh at and with Ms Fey and feel better about every embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you.



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Five Things Friday

Five Ameezing Posts on Love

(It’s been on my mind)

 On Friendship Love

On Old Love

On Someone elses’ Love Story

[Image – Cup of Jo]

On Being Single

On Doing What You Love

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Five Things Friday

It’s Monday and it’s Five Things Friday, what a day!

As mentioned here, a little while ago on a weekend away in the Magliesberg, we played dress up at dusk.  I was really excited about styling and shooting my friend Lauren.  And holy panda’s toenails, was she brilliant.  A big thank you to Aadil for taking these beautiful photos, to Lauren for diving right in, to the lovely Nola at stuff that’s nice and to Judge, for being the best spur of the moment lighting guy a gal could ask for.

Five Moments At Dusk


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Five Things Friday

Five Things I Learnt the Hard Way

1.  If you eat all the pies, even in secret, you’re going to look like you have eaten all the pies.

2.  You can’t take a trolley into the new Zara.  My big toe made it through the door.  That’s as close as I’ve gotten so far.

3.  Cycling shorts aren’t for everyone.

4.  Not to hide my face in photos.  There’s a few murky years there where I’ll never know exactly what I looked like.

5.  Believing in yourself is the best way to believe in yourself.

Happy Weekend to you, Ameezings.


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Five Things Friday

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your small, independent, quirky book publishers…it’s Five Things Friday!

Five Things Ameezing

1.  The UFO Conference in Johannesburg.  So real and actually happening there’s even a pamphlet.  I would sell my two front teeth on eBay to go to this.

2.  Jacarandas in bloom and now Zara.  Joburg, you sexy devil of a city, you.

3.  When hard work is creatively rewarding and appreciated.  Wonderfulness.

4.  Running into someone after eight years and having them say, ‘You look exactly the same!’  Yessss.

5.  Baking.  Totally the new sad.

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Five Things Friday

Yay, it’s Five Things Friday! (Technically it’s Five Things Saturday but that can be our little secret)

My Five Favourite Blogs of All Time

1.  The Glamourai

When kelly Framel started her blog, it was under the pseudonym ‘The Glamourai’ (a nickname given to her by a friend) so that it would stay small and private.  Little did she know that the blogging world would fall in love with her incredible eye for quirky style and ameezing, timeless, hand-made jewellery.  I seriously recommend her blog for anyone seeking style/colour/texture/shoe/handbag/New York inspiration.

3 Things Ameezing – The Glamourai has a gorgeous papillion dog called bunny, she blogs almost everyday, her apartment is just Ameezing.

Check it out here.  [Image – The Glamourai]

2.  D E S  I G N L O V E F E S T

On Bri’s Blog ‘Design Love Fest’, is written ‘where type and images totally make out’.  And that’s pretty much exactly what happens in this little ‘treat for the eyes’ space. Beautiful, inspiring images of homes, fashion spreads, old photographs, Bri’s outfits and super lovely loft space.  And this lady is a colour palette whisperer.

3 Things Ameezing – Bri has super long, blonde hair, no styling tutorial needed, her advice is ‘Just don’t brush it’, she has the best Pinterest in the business and she rocks a sequin and a ballet skirt like few others.

Check it out here.  [Image – D E S I G N L O V E F E S T]

3.  A Beautiful Mess

This extremely well run vintage blog is packed with all things lovely.  Crafts, photography, D.I.Y, super wearable vintage fashion, all here and all gorgeously laid out and really easy to get around.  This lady lives vintage.  Really well.

3 Things Ameezing – Elsie’s D.I.Y projects are the best, as are her tattoos and extensive vintage wardrobe.

Check it out here.  [Image – A Beautiful Mess]

4.  The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman is like the Godfather of the blogging business.  Read his blog and feel instantly brave enough to wear that thing you have but are always too shy to even try on.  Also cravats, handkerchiefs, bicycles and gorgeously dressed Italian people abound.

3 Things Ameezing – The Sartorialist is being updated constantly, his photography alone is worth the click, he photographs everyone, from little ones to very old people, all looking ameezing.

Check it out here.  [Image – The Sartorialist]

5.  The Daybook

Sydney is a very young, married, Mormon lady who writes an incredibly captivating blog through sweet and honest daily musing of the life of her and ‘Husband’, her football playing, glasses wearing, lovely partner, that always makes me laugh out loud and want to be a better person, all at once.  Her outfit posts are the bees knees too.  *Soppy Warning – Sydney has just had a baby (Everett, sweetest little thing) so possibly many baby posts on Daybook to follow.

3 Things Ameezing – Sydney wears heels in the snow, has ‘Awkward and Awesome Thursdays’ – the gal knows how to laugh at herself, and has tutorials which are really endearing and super helpful.

Check it out here.  [Image – The Daybook]

Okay, five is just not enough.  Look out for ‘Five Things Friday – Favourite Blogs Part Two’ coming soon!
Oooh, and let me know which one is your favourite.


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Five Things Friday

What the what?!  It’s Five Things Friday.  A new feature here on Ameezing, every Friday, five ameezing things.  Hoorah!

This week:

Five Little Things That Make Me Very Happy

1.  Healthy, growing house plants

2.  Eating dinner with my urban family

3.  Changing the desktop picture on my laptop

4.  Black straws (and any straws)

5.  Another positive, safe day in Joburg (sounds crazy, but true)

[Image – Cup of Jo]

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