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Blush, Smiley Face, Blush

Today, in a shopping centre, an old lady came up to me and said, “Excuse me, do you speak English or Afrikaans?”

‘Um, english’, I replied.  And then she said, “Okay, I’ll speak english then.  I have to tell you, in all my seventy-six years I have never seen legs as nice as yours.”

I smiled and blushed and smiled and blushed and said something about my Friday being made and thanked her and wished her well.  As I was walking away she called after me, “Use them well!”

Maybe she was seventy-six years of crazy, but it sure was marvelous to have a stranger say a nice thing like that.  I’m a fan of stranger complimenting.  I’ve attempted it several times, with mixed reviews.  But still think it’s an ameezing idea.  Give it a try this weekend.  You could make someone blush and smile and blush and smile.



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