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Tongue Kissing Skulls

One day, if I ever start a band it will be called ‘Tongue Kissing Skulls’.  I’ll be the drummer and back up singer.  Mostly because I can’t sing but like the idea of having a mike leaning over my drum kit.  This picture will be on the cover of our first album.  Man, I’m excited.

In other news, there will be no new posts on Ameezing for the next few days as I switch over to a self hosted blog. This pupae is becoming a butterfly.  Yaay!

I’ll keep you updated right here as it unfolds.  Exciting times ahead.

I just want to say thank you to you, Dear Ameezing Reader, for being part of helping me discover this thing called writing, this thing that makes me so inexplicably happy. So thank you.  And hugsies.

[Ooh, let’s hug it out and keep in touch on twitter – @MsAmeezing]


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So I went Speed Dating…

Last Wednesday, the giant pimple on my face and I went Speed Dating.  When my cousin had invited me a few weeks earlier, I absent-mindedly agreed, thinking that I would never really, actually go. At most, I’d maybe just tweet about that one time I almost went Speed Dating.

Wednesday came, along with the most spectacular display of adult acne.  And it was cold.  And I had nothing to wear.  And I reeeally didn’t want to go and meet some crazy man who had gerbils for housemates and thought false nails were a look, for himself.  But then my cousin reminded me of my New Year’s Resolutions and I thought of the blog post material the evening might produce.  Curiosity took over in a force even bigger than my giant pimple, and so off into the cold night air my giant pimple and I went. Continue reading

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I am @MsAmeezing on Twitter and msameezing on Instagram.  And You?

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You Guys!

You guys, I am super excited to tell you that Ameezing the Blog is getting a revamp.  She is becoming a blog, a real life  big ol’ blog.  Ready to take on the big, badass world of grown up blogs.  Its pretty amazing to watch the talents of a real blog designer unfold and I can.not.wait to show you how pretty she is going to be.  Mamas very proud.

Ooh, and I got glasses.  Which I was secretly mostly excited about for the nerdy girl aesthetic, but turns out seeing into the distance in crystal clarity and not having aching eyes at the end of the day is also pretty ameezing.

Happy Friday, You Guys x

PS. Forget fancy studios and the awesome loft apartments of your friends, this photo was taken in the parking lot.  Of Cresta shopping Centre.

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If MacGyver wrote a blog…

MacGyver’s blog would probably also feature things like cooking a feast for your friends with whatever is in your fridge and garage, a tutorial on how your scarf, mascara and iPhone cover can help you escape a broken down lift, and ten ways your braided friendship bracelets could save your life.  I do love me some D.I.Y.

DIY One, DIY Two-Five.

This weekend’s ghost tour post coming just now.

PS. I made curtains out of scarves.  You can too!

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…and a Ghost Tour

The book the whole planet is reading (and my mouth guard).  I’m about to find out what all the house wife blushing is about.  A cold front is on its way to Joburg this weekend.  I love the cold if only for all the wardrobe opportunities it brings. And for the all snuggling in bed with a blush inducing international best seller it requires.

On Saturday night I am going with a group of friends on a ghost tour of Joburg.  I am really, really scared of even the idea of ghosts.  But I really, really like seeing weird and wonderful corners of Joburg.  And I get to secretly wear my dressing gown under a long black cloak all night.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Ooooooooooooooh.

Happy Weekend Ameezings.

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Honesty is scary stuff.

When I was little (and by little I mean 20) I knew that I was going to get married and have kids.  No doubt about it.  I didn’t even really think about who I would marry or how many kids we’d have or what my wedding dress would look like, because the story was already written. I didn’t need to plan and day-dream because it was going to be.  It was so inevitable that I didn’t need to think about it until it inevitably happened.  Which I knew it would, inevitably.

Well now dear Ameezings, I ‘suddenly’ find myself single and kid-less at 31 and a half.  There was a dress and flowers and vows, but then there was also a cold court room and dividing furniture.  An unexpected journey.   The long way around.

My grade five Afrikaans teacher used to say to kids making excuses about absent homework, ‘My heart bleeds lumpy custard for you.’  Which now that I think about it is a pretty gruesome image to fill a small person’s mind with.  But it’s what my unkind self has been telling my squishy hearted self for a while now.  And my squishy hearted self has been in an awkward state of denial that my story looks any different to how it was always going to inevitably look.

Now for the emo-exorcising part.  I am learning how to make peace with a new story.  The fact that the inevitable didn’t happen, inevitably.  For so long now I have been living in a state of waiting for that story to start.  For ‘how its supposed to be’ to just get freakin’ on with it.  I’m ready now at 31 and a half to say that it’s not going to be like I always knew it would be.  And that’s okay.  I may end up with a house full of iguanas and a huge Reader’s Digest collection.  I may be a single mom to a tiny, adopted person.  I may meet someone at the chemist tomorrow and live happily ever after.  I may pack a backpack the size of an overfed cat and go somewhere new.  Where the language sounds made up to my english ears and all the menus scare me.  These new stories are not as important as the possibilities of these new stories.

Goodbye dragon of inevitability.  You were exciting and kept me believing for many years.  But it’s time for my wooden sword and paper pirate hat.  I’m going dragon slaying.


PS. Single and the City.


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