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I do. And so do two billion others.

When my friend, Lauren, was a little girl she told her Mom that she wished that princesses were real and not just in fairy tales.  She was absolutely delighted when her Mom told her that they were and showed her pictures of Princess Diana on her wedding day.  Little lauren told me this story while we stood on a crowded street in Thailand surrounded by smartly dressed Thai school children, all waiting for the Prince and Princess of Thailand to arrive for the opening ceremony of a temple.  They drove past in an old car and the Princess waved and smiled.  She looked graceful and magical, everything a princess should be.

I love the suspension of disbelief of a Royal Wedding.  Before and after dissolve away.  We glimpse royalty and it at once feels more mystical yet more tangible than ever.  Ameezing.

[Photo from The Guardian]



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Happy 60th Birthday Mama!

My lovely, gracious, stylish Mama recently turned 60.  Happy, happy birthday Mama!

This photo is from a series that my brother, Ameezing Ty, and I did with my Mama at an old, abandoned sand mine a little while ago.


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Of Exes and Exorcisms

This ones been a long time coming.  I have written this post many times in my head.  Starting with that boy in pre-school who suddenly started holding another girl’s hand, all the way to taking wedding rings off.  Exes, the past, what has been, has long since tugged at my heart and held my attention and curiosity.

But isn’t it funny how sometimes a question gets answered without you even asking it? The other day someone said to me quite out of the blue, ‘You have to be the best version of yourself in every way.  No regret or bitterness.  It is the best way to honour the lessons you learnt, who you have become and the people you are fortunate enough to share your life with now.’

Thank you, ‘someone’.  I looked up and saw the stars where before there had been only night.

[Photo from  D E S I G N L O V E F E S T ]

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A Thirty-Six Hour Affair to Remember

On a Tuesday, not so long ago, the Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane sent me a text saying, ‘I have a meeting in Cape Town on Monday, let’s go for the weekend’.

What a genius idea it turned out to be.  With the spirit of someone with a much heavier bank account, I hopped on a plane on Saturday morning and met the Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane that afternoon.  After spending a delicious day catching up with Neil (of ‘Wednesday Socks on Friday‘ fame) and his lovely partner, Abri.

Together, Lindsay-Jane and I were the ultimate Cape Town tourists.  We ate dinner in the city, drove to Kalk Bay, walked on the beach, discovered a beautiful grave yard tucked away in the mountains, drove to Franschoek, drank wine and ate deelicious cheese, stumbled upon an orchid farm, danced amoung the vines of a wine farm, then drove along Chapman’s Peak, walked along Llandudno beach and finally dashed to the airport.  All the while taking way too many ‘jumping tourists’ photos and continually ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ and sighing at the ameezing sights of Cape Town.

I am besotted with Joburg, utterly in love, always will be.  But perhaps steamy affairs with other cities every now and again are the best way to sustain this love.

The bird, the bicycle, the ferris wheel and the mountain.



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Who You Gonna Call?

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For Jacqui

For The Ameezing Jacqui‘s birthday, her fiance’, Ryan, asked her friends to make birthday videos.  Because Aadil and I are both busy procastinators (now there’s a can of oxymoron worms), ours was ‘a night before the deadline, minimal lighting and a little point and shoot digital camera’ kind of project.  Super fun to put together, none the less.

Happy, happy 30th Ameezing Jacqui.

[Song by Barbara – Cover of ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ – Kid Cudi]


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A Brother, Sister, Brother Road Trip

Like, howzit.  Sorry that House of Ameezing has been so quiet over the last few days.  I have been very busy with work and a few other little projects (watch this space).  But yesterday, my brothers and I took a sibling road trip to Underberg to visit my parents for the long weekend.

It is ridiculously beautiful here.  In the early morning the mist is so heavy it looks as if the clouds have fallen between the mountains (thanks Mama).  And one can wear gumboots and woolly hats without feeling at all silly.

I’m hoping for snow (this makes the locals chuckle), death by too much scarf knitting, horse riding and ameezing vintage bargains at the local SPCA thrift shop.  I’ll keep you posted.

Joel and The Beatles rocking road trip chic

Ameezing Ty - Driver and DJ

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