D.I.Y – F.U.N

I enjoy a bit of D.I.Y as much as some girls like puppies and ponies.  (Although I like puppies and ponies too.  And my birthday is on Tuesday…)  And so thought it was time to give this old telephone table a new look.  I was suprised by how good it looked in the ‘before’ photo as it was in much worse condition than it seems.

Inspired by my recent trip to the Victorian House in Auckland Park, I thought I would paint it blue and add some floral.  Interesting Victorian Fact: The colour palette of Victorian decor is actually much brighter than we know today.  It had to be bright because the houses were not well lit and detail was only evident in bright colours.  Victorian homes also had extremely heavy curtains and drapes to keep the harsh sunlight away from furniture and tapestries.  Unfortunately most Victorian decor left today has faded to an almost pastel palette.

So after a bit of sanding and painting and staple gunning, here is my semi retro, semi Victorian- inspired old/new telephone table.  I don’t actually have a telephone but it still is a great seat to read or write in the sunshine.





Filed under I Nearly D.I.Y.ed - Ameezing Make-Overs

3 responses to “D.I.Y – F.U.N

  1. shmyril

    Well done lovie, that is soh good.

  2. MoVan

    From bland to gorgeous, that’s just great!

    PS. I noticed the plug for your birthday. 🙂 🙂

  3. Cousin Robyn

    Ooh I like this one!! xx

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