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Ghost Stories

Pre-Ghost Tour snacks at our house.  Ghost Pops, Skull Gums and ‘Veins’. Obs.

Pre-Ghost Tour ghosts at our house – Make yours with balloons, sandwich paper and a permanent marker.

On Saturday night, seven of us friends put on as many layers of clothing as we could find and headed out into the freezing (literally) Joburg night to The Mystery Ghost Bus Tour.  The tour is run mostly from a bus (with the locations kept secret and changing with every tour).  And includes two pubs stops and a midnight visit to a graveyard.  Even though I am a huge scaredy cat, I would really like to go back to some of the buildings that we saw and go exploring.  Did you know that there is a castle in Kensington?  Our Kensington?!

There were several times where I found myself wanting to yell, ‘Stop the bus! Let’s go inside and find ourselves some ghost friends!’  And I would have loved to hear some more stories and details of the buildings we drove past.

It was fascinating to be reminded how old and steeped in stories of days gone by our city is.  And ameezing to be on a midnight adventure with friends.  And hip flasks.  Ooooooohhoooo.

Vital Ghost Tour Prep.

Cousin Robyn

This is what zero degrees at midnight in a graveyard looks like.  Thanks James for this photo.

Pub stop at The Troyville Hotel.  The moment we all became zombies…


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