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I am @MsAmeezing on Twitter and msameezing on Instagram.  And You?


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Hello Again



-It is with as little hullabaloo as possible that I say hello again friends.  I’ve been away, but always here, you know.  There was a dark time last week when my phone, home internet and laptop were all not working.  That was a dark time indeed.  Uber happily I am back and brandishing an iPhone, a working laptop and internet and a handbag o’ smiles.  I’m on Instagram now if you’d like to see – msameezing.  And on twitter – @MsAmeezing.  ( I promise to make every effort to keep photos of my feet and food to a minimum.)

-A few years ago, across a smoky club, a cute boy made eye contact with me and smiled.  He made his way across the dance floor, like a snake in desert sand.  When he got to me, our eyes still locked, he put his hand on my cheek and gently ran his fingers across the moles on my face.  Instantly his expression changed to total disgust.  Like poo-in-the-air kind of disgust.  Then he said, ‘Oh, I thought they were piercings.  Damn.’  And then he walked away

-The two photos above are of my desk during peak work time and of my dressing table during peak getting ready time (spot the robot make-up bag of joy).  I know that I am one squillion years late hopping on the Instagram train, but I really am in love with the whole idea.

-Have you seen ‘New Girl’? It’s wonderful.  Laugh out loud kind of wonderful.

-Joburg in early winter is just the best.  Sun everyday.  Crunchy leaves.  New scarves and toes not yet numb.  Soup.  Red wine.  Fire places.  It’s all so good.

-Hello again.


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