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You Guys!

You guys, I am super excited to tell you that Ameezing the Blog is getting a revamp.  She is becoming a blog, a real life  big ol’ blog.  Ready to take on the big, badass world of grown up blogs.  Its pretty amazing to watch the talents of a real blog designer unfold and I can.not.wait to show you how pretty she is going to be.  Mamas very proud.

Ooh, and I got glasses.  Which I was secretly mostly excited about for the nerdy girl aesthetic, but turns out seeing into the distance in crystal clarity and not having aching eyes at the end of the day is also pretty ameezing.

Happy Friday, You Guys x

PS. Forget fancy studios and the awesome loft apartments of your friends, this photo was taken in the parking lot.  Of Cresta shopping Centre.


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A Tale of Two Shopping Centres…

I wore this dress on Monday.  To work and to do a few errands around town.  I was walking through Cresta Shopping Centre (for my and everyone else’s sins) and a group of rugby shorts wearing Afrikaans student boys walked past me and said, ‘What is she wearing? Who does she think she is? Ha ha ha ha’.  Now I’m a Janse van Vuuren (admittedly a very English one) but I know  Afrikaans meanies when I see them.  Sadly friends, I had no retort, no clever, snappy Cougar-esque remark.  I just turned scarlet and ducked into Truworths even though that wasn’t where I was headed.

Cut to Melrose Arch (Cresta wishes it was Melrose Arch), walking kind of sheepishly and keeping a watchful eye for rugby shorts and 2002 mullets, when a man walks up to me.  A youngish, sweet looking guy, Noah Wyle’s little brother perhaps.  “Excuse me”, he says, as I go the colour of a tourist who fell asleep in the sun. “That’s a really great dress.  You look really nice.”

There is a moment where I am about to shout, ‘Ah ha’, and launch into my Cresta/mullet/meanie story but instead I go more scarlet, thank him and keep on walking exactly where I was headed.

This is kind of an outfit post.  Here comes the scarlet again.  Ameezing.


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Not Just Gingers

This is Clinton and Craig.  Very good friends of mine who grew up in the same town as I did and now also live in Joburg.  Although there will always be a place in my heart for Ron Weasely, they are my two favourite boy gingers.  Brothers, born eleven months apart, so alike and so different, they are kind and funny and really good to each other and the people lucky enough to be their friends.

I took this photo a few days ago when I ran into them in Cresta Shopping Centre.  Clinton had lost his car keys and Craig had come to rescue him.  I love that they are such willing players in the story that this moment tells so well.  Gingers, ameezing.


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Pity the Fool

Yes, it’s a cardboard cutout Mr T in Cresta Shopping Centre endorsing something called a Flavour Wave.  Ameezing.


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