Tuesday I’m in Love…

Yip, its Wednesday.  But on Tuesday, blessed, little, delicious, saucy Tuesday I wandered into a new antique furniture shop (details to follow) and fell in love with, courted (okay, paid for) and took home this blue number.  After a google or two, it turned out to be a Beanstalk Kamp Kitchen Cabinet.  Oh, to be in the seventies, wearing a high-waisted red and white checked bikini, making my hair-slicked-back-just-so darling of a husband a dirty martini on the top shelf of our little, blue cabinet of camping happiness. Retro sigh.

Whilst I wait for Woolworths to start selling time machines, the Beanstalk Kamp Kitchen Cabinet is going to live in my bedroom (it was almost a ‘side table’, see first photo) and store all kinds of important things like old copies of Vogue magazines and my grandfather’s bowling trophies.  It must be love.  Ta-rah, I’m off to go bikini and darling husband shopping.



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4 responses to “Tuesday I’m in Love…

  1. Judge

    You have ameezing taste Camilla! So inspiring.

  2. absolutely love it!

    and the fact that you are able to grow…and keep alive…peace in the home makes me sick with envy.

  3. It actually normally lives in the bathroom. Which it seems to love. If its any consolation, before living in the bathroom, it was on death’s door for a while. A long while.

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