Australia – Part Two

In Australia:

This was the closest we came to seeing kangaroos.

Although we did hang out with this little guy.

We visited the Gallery of Modern Art.  But somehow I only came away with photos of this Mad Men-esque water feature

There is a book called ‘Camilla the Cupcake Fairy’. Nuff said.

We stood under these life size whales chilling in a corridor, just so.

Joel and Jacqui’s Dad were snapsies.  Happy face.

Joel and Stiaan were snapsies.  Moody face.

We spontaneously stopped at this garage sale (a real garage sale!) but didn’t buy anything, although I was secretly coveting a black, ceramic panther.

We walked along a fake beach.  Because there was one.

I also pumped gas for the first time.  Went to Ikea for the first time.  Went to a dress up party dressed as a swing dancer.  Ate a Macdonalds burger, even though it had fallen on the ground.  Had a very near bat attack incident. Went for loads of walks at night (one of my all time favourite things to do). Ate an ice-cream called Golden Gaytime.  Bar hopped across the city (that’s as rare for me as Macgyver using hair mousse).  Wore flip flops for more than 3 days in a row.  And called them ‘thongs’ because that’s what you do in Australia.  Ate a teeny piece of kangaroo steak (its sold in supermarkets).  Took the bus a lot.  And stood next to two incredible women as we watched our incredible friend marry the husband of her dreams.  It was ameezing.

There are many photos of many people and moments that I would have loved to post.  But I’m going to keep it this brief.  Thanks to Stiaan (dreamy kangaroo hugger in the first photo) for letting me poach some of his holiday pics.  Wedding photo taken by the wonderous Grant Marshall.

PS. Australia – Part One.



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2 responses to “Australia – Part Two

  1. Megan

    I can’t believe we didn’t get you kangaroos!!

  2. Waleenie

    Well we gotta leave something for when she comes back…

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