A Cake. A Skirt. A Flower.

Creative title, no?

Failing kids or pets, this cake, which lives on my desktop, is what I lovingly stare at for hours at a time.

…and those shoes. And that hat.  And those green chairs.  And Paris….

To me, orchids are a little like cats.  They know that we don’t know that they know.  You know? I accidently knocked this flower off of a new plant as I brought it home the other day.  Fortunately, it obligingly sat in a teeny tea cup for days,  looking all exotic and wise.

Happy Wednesday, Ameezing Ones.

PS. A little d.i.y – f.u.n.

[Cake – Source Unknown, Skirt – The Sartorialist, Flower – Ameezing]


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One response to “A Cake. A Skirt. A Flower.

  1. Movan

    That is one marvellous outfit! The cake’s not so bad either! 🙂

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