The Good, The Bad, The Ameezing

Hanging with  Dr Lauren

The Good:

-Going from pyjamas and bed to a ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ themed house party in twenty minutes.  And dancing the night away with at least 300 other people.  It got big.  It was fun. (Yip, those are actual Sudoku puzzles.)

-Suddenly feeling the air on my skin.  Autumn is here.  It’s almost trench coat wearing time.  Yesssss.

-Meeting a friend of a friend and having them say, ‘Oh, you write that blog.  Something about amazing spelt weirdly?’  Hardly a Pulitzer, but I’ll take it!

The Bad:

-Inexplicably not being able to blog.  Writing posts, frowning at them for a few minutes, deleting them, walking away to make tea.  Watching my favourite bloggers clock up post after post of beautiful writing and inspiration and not being able to write one word.  For days.  What a strange, little, inconvenient storm to weather.

-Thinking I had met my soulmate, tall, Swedish, standing in the queue at the Dance Umbrella (I mean, come on…) only to have him push infront of me when we got to the ticket taking lady.  Not cool almost soulmate, not cool.

-Too much work.  Not enough joy.  Not enough simple happiness things.

-Finally writing a post (this one) and through a glitch in the Matrix having it all disappear.  Persistance is like wearing a scratchy tutu, annoying but totally worth it.

The Ameezing:

-You guys.  For still stopping by even after days of no posting, thank you!

-Discovering the Downton Abbey Christmas special.   Until then I was going into full on Downton withdrawal over here.

-Speaking of 1912, this awesome hair tutorial (via this blog) showed me how to look like a Victorian, even in the skinny jean wearing days of 2012. Oh the ameezingness.

-Did I mention Autumn? Joburg wriggles out of her hazy Summer days and starts stamping her feet to shed leaves that have lived their lives and turn lawns a slumbery shade of brown.

-Making up the word ‘slumbery’.

-Australia in four weeks time.  Friends, a wedding, a holiday.  My heart may burst with happiness.

[Photo of two nerds – Justin]


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3 responses to “The Good, The Bad, The Ameezing

  1. antK

    …well you certainly overcame your bloggers drought with wit and style, and I love, love ” slumbery ” I am going to adopt it for winter and cosy fires on sunday afternoons

  2. reluctantlyapproaching60

    Don’t believe it, C, you also clock up postings that are inspiring and fabulous. Having droughts is part of writing, and even the best suffered them.

  3. Movan

    I agree antK, AND ‘Joburg wriggles out of her hazy days and starts stamping her feet….’ Great word picture! 🙂

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