Hi ho, hi ho.

Tuesday was a really, really, really difficult day at work for me (I would have liked to add in more ‘reallys’ but you get the idea).  One of those days where crying and punching seem like the only two options but instead you do neither and go through the motions of just getting it done.  And then maybe go around the back of the building and cry until you are wailing, wait for your face to unblotch and go back inside like nothing is up and you just went to the bathroom for a really long time.

Anyways, what I learnt from a day like this is  to remember to move through the experiences you suddenly find yourself in with as much grace as you can muster.  That the moment will pass but you want to look back knowing that you stayed as close to the best version of yourself as you could.  And that friends and friend’s hugs are truly ameezing.



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4 responses to “Hi ho, hi ho.

  1. peta

    and graceful you certainly were my little Jansen……..

  2. antK

    well done to you for getting thru a tough situation with grace and dignity .. and learning something from it !
    …and a genuine heart felt hug … where you can really feel the love and positive energy coming thru to you …are ( for me )as essential as breathing and eating

  3. xxxxx you are a power femme! xxx

  4. Thanks Ameezings. ‘As essential as breathing and eating’, exactly antK!

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