Old Man Circus Shoes

It took me a long time to realise that I love and feel most comfortable wearing shoes that look like they belonged to male Siamese twins in the circus during The Great Depression.  A little bit strange, a little bit boyish, a little bit surprising, a lot ameezing.

Welcome to the family, old man circus shoes.

[Get your old man circus shoes from Rage – for the price of exactly 9 cappuccinos]

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5 responses to “Old Man Circus Shoes

  1. Movan

    They look magical! And like a work of art! Have lots of fun wearing them! 🙂

  2. I hope they put a spring in your step 😉

  3. little one

    OMG! those are crazy fabulous! A “i would sell my puppy” moment.

  4. I looooove them. Trying to resist the urge to do the ‘save them for a special moment’ thing. And just put them on and walk out the door instead. Using the fancy china and all…

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