Bowling For Valentine

Last night, 15 of us went bowling for Valentine’s Day.  There was pizza, drinks, loads of cheering, a couple of strikes (including a seriously impressive backwards through the legs throw), some more cheering and a very large cockroach that scuttled across the floor as a photo was being taken.

It was one of my favourite Valentine’s Days ever.  And definitely the best 15 person date I’ve ever been on.

Because it was a fancy pants bowling alley with loads of uv lights and glow in the dark paint (did I mention the cockroach?), all of my photos came out looking a little like they are from the past, and the future, and maybe a little underwater.  Bowling for Valentine’s Day, ameezing.

Oh, and I came last in my team.  Blushy face.



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2 responses to “Bowling For Valentine

  1. stiaan

    Good title 🙂

  2. Movan

    Great way to spend Valentine’s Day!! Sounds such fun! 🙂

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