-A sixty something year old business man walked up to me and said, ‘Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude but there’s a price tag hanging on your bottom’.  It was 2:35 pm.  That’s at least 7 hours of ‘spinach in your teeth’ for my ass.  Blushy face.

-I drove around Krugersdorp and saw 3 different women who looked exactly like the lady in ‘Catfish’.  But exactly.

-Peering out of my bedroom window at dusk I saw a young guy in a white convertible drive past with a teddy bear the height of a tall midget stuffed into the back seat.  Caramel coloured fur whipping in the wind. Ah Valentine’s Day.

-Joel and I watched the first episode of American Horror Story.  It’s good.  But as someone who has never seen any 80’s or 90’s horror movies, it was more than my mouse like horror watching skills could take.  Back to 30 Rock I go.

-There’s a special seat reserved on the irony bus for when you spend a morning of work sourcing wedding dresses.  The day before Valentine’s Day. When single.

-This morning I was thinking about someone I haven’t seen in a long, long time.  And then ran into them.  Does that ever happen to you?  Strange and ameezing.

-I googled ‘hearts made of air’ and a documentary about the fattest man in Britain popped up.

-Last night, walking out of the movies I felt a weight of happiness on my chest.  A comforting, enveloping, inevitable weight that pulled me like a magnet towards a wonderful hug of quiet.

-Autumn is coming.

[Smoke heart image found here]



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2 responses to “Monday

  1. antK

    lovely imagery … esp ” Caramel coloured fur whipping in the wind.” happy for you to have the weight of happiness on you …it is the best kind of weight … to carry . hee hee

  2. little one

    O.M.G, 3 ladies that look like the one in catfish. that is super scary.

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