A Joburger in Durban

My favourite part of the Durban trip was sitting on the concrete floor in the square of a market in town (where locals fear to tread but German tourists are abundant), bathed in sunlight and exhaustion, eating a bread roll out of a brown paper bag (that’s what you do on the run), nostrils filled with the scent of spices and incense and ears filled with the sound of the national anthem.  Mysteriously playing from somewhere in the distance.

(I am from Durban.  But after having lived in Joburg for over a decade, I feel like a Joburger through and through.)



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6 responses to “A Joburger in Durban

  1. clint

    Umm, the term is vaalie … 😉
    Didn’t know you were also from Durbs, I grew up there. But since I’ve been in Joburg for the last twenty odd years …always seem to feel like an outcast (vaalie) whenever I go back there. I miss the sea big time !

  2. Aren’t you from Maritzburg?

  3. stiaan

    What’s story behind the man eating snake???

  4. Movan

    Spectacular sand art! [Is it? I’ve never seen colour?] Poor hapless bather!

  5. @Sgt. Pepper – Still not from Maritzburg, nope!
    Sand sculptures, pretty ameezing. Guys on the beach make them. Those are actual jeans. They also use sunglasses and towels as props. I guess found objects?

  6. The sunrise/early morning shot is ameezing

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