Thoughts on Euthenising Ameezing…

Just hanging out with a sewing bust

Yesterday morning I was going to delete Ameezing.  Just like that.  Wipe it off the internets.  The guilt of being a terrible blog mother was becoming too much and I thought maybe I should do the blog version of dropping it off at an orphanage and send it to that great blogosphere in the sky.

I’m glad I didn’t.  Instead I made some tea and tried to imagine a life without recording little moments, telling slices of stories, sharing stuff that is a little scary yet awesome to share, and just generally having a chin wag with you.  What would I do instead?  Start growing vegetables in hand-painted pots?  Do all those little, crafty projects that loads of my favourite blogs are gently suggesting I would love?  Start next year’s tax return?!

None of those seem nearly as appealing as sitting down in front of my glowing laptop screen, eyes a little sting-y (because it’s usually 6am or 11:30pm) and clicking away at the keyboard until it sounds like someone is making popcorn for Oprah.

I’m sorry for my absence, I would have loved to stop by everyday but sometimes life moves a little too fast to record it all.  I’ve been away on a super exhausting but utterly ameezing job.  I really enjoyed seeing how three cities (Joburg, Cape Town and Durban) all move and exist in such different ways.

I’ve realised that for now I have to make peace with the fact that unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I won’t always have hours a day to sit wearing one of my vintage lace camis at the window of my New York apartment sipping wine, writing and savouring my witty voice over.  For now, just for now, doing this simple, magical thing of word spider webbing will have to be in stolen or borrowed moments.  Just for now…


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4 responses to “Thoughts on Euthenising Ameezing…

  1. I read or heard the other day that if you are feeling down, put on lipstick and you will feel great and ready to face the world.

  2. don’t ever stop camilla-rilla…you are an inspiration! xxxx

  3. Movan

    There’s a time for everything love, and this is a time just for stolen moments to record those big and little events.
    There will be a time for sitting in that vintage lace cami, sipping wine and recording life…
    Just not now. x x

  4. Thanks Ameezings! I’m glad I didn’t. I would have missed it and you all so much. Timothy, it’s funny you say red lipstick because I actually wore red lipstick that day for that very reason. Ameezing.

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