Orphan Thoughts

I would like to know how to stop dreaming in what feels like an hour long montage of really disturbing images.  I’d like to dream in the colour the sky goes just before it hails, or maybe a Wes Anderson wallpaper.

Why is seeing nuns in everyday life so fascinating?

How come, even though I don’t have a tv, every Sunday the ghost sound of the Carte Blanche music makes my stomach go wibbly?

Sometimes, when you walk past a young dad with a baby, he talks really loudly and cooingly to it.

My mom is a teacher and last week one of her little boys was run over and killed by a police woman. A police woman.  He was five years old.

I forgot about this story, my brother’s cats are ameezing.

That helpless feeling when a friend is hurting and ‘being there’ is like putting Mercurochrome on a full body burn.  Just not enough.

Twitter.  I don’t get it?! Am I the only one? Retweet, @, hash tag.  I feel like everyone has gone to the party and I’m still trying to decide what to wear.

How to be single and still celebrate Valentine’s Day in a non-cheesy, non-tragic way.  I’m working on it…

Some images that are also orphans here and here.



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2 responses to “Orphan Thoughts

  1. antk

    …. thought provoking thoughts !
    A nun was my first school teacher , at my son school there is an absolutely amazing nun called Sister Ulrike who exudes an incredible amout of positive energy – we are so lucky to know her .

  2. They really do fascinate me. Heard of a girl the other day who at 25 took her vows. Must be a completely different experience now as to years gone by.

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