…And on the fourteenth day she rested.

You guys!  I’d like to say I had won a competition, one of those that you forget that you have entered and then a scruffy camera crew arrives on your doorstep and an over enthusiastic presenter says, ‘Pack your bags! You’ve won a round the world trip starting right now!’.  Or that I had become a spy like Angie in ‘Salt’ and have been on a secret mission to Port Elizabeth to uncover stolen missiles and crate loads of counterfeit mascara.

Anything more thrilling than thirteen days straight of work to explain my absence.  But, Ameezing Ones, I’m back!  And bringing the happy news that Household Ameezing will soon have uncapped internet (I know, it’s like we still live in 2001).  So even if it’s 5am or 11pm, I’ll be here, searching for all things ameezing.  Holy panda’s toenails, I have missed you.


[Image Source Unknown – An Old Favourite]


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2 responses to “…And on the fourteenth day she rested.

  1. ant L

    And we have missed you too! Welcome back.

  2. Movan

    Yes, all work work and no play leaves us high and dry. 🙂 x

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