Up Close

Whilst spring cleaning yesterday…



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5 responses to “Up Close

  1. Movan

    Spring-cleaning doesn’t = giving it away, does it? I do hope not!

  2. Nope, that’s all staying home 🙂

  3. Movan

    As the cook, Bheki, at our hostel would say ‘Oh goodie!’ 🙂

  4. Ksenia

    Hi Camilla! Its Ksenia, russian, we’ve met at Dave’s ) I need your advice as a specialist — can you recommend a cool place for jewellery in Joburg? Not diamonds and sapphires but lovely beautiful pieces. I’m sure you know )

    • Ksenia, hi! So cool to hear from you. I love Tinsel, a South African handmade jewellery shop in Melville [011 7267269 – cnr 9th St and Rustenburg Road] They are about to move to Parkhurst, the same block as Espresso the restaurant, but until they move they are having a sale at their Melville shop.

      Also check out Sirkel at Stanley Avenue, Milpark [082 643 1381], Jan, the owner is a really talented designer and always has beautiful stuff in the shop too.

      Let me know if you find anything lovely.
      Hope to see you guys soon 🙂 x

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