Be the first to see Ameezing’s New ‘About’ Page!

Apparently, the first place new readers go to after reading the article they have clicked on is the ‘About’ page.  It was time for a little make over for Ameezings.  So, in between afternoon Drakensberg down pours (so intense you kind of want to build an ark in the garage just in case) Joel the Ameezing and I sloshed through the garden to this little flower bed, against this lovely, aging wall to take some pics.

I have to confess that this kind of picture is not easy to take.  Somewhere in the awkward, self-conscious, no man’s land of self promotion, smiling is too much, not smiling is not enough. So a big thank you to Joel the Ameezing for your patience and determination to get the shots!

Check out the new page here or click on ‘About’ above the header pic.  Also, let’s be friends on twitter.  I always tweet new posts.  Or subscribe to get email notification of new posts.  My Dad just did!

Thanks for spreading the Ameezing love.


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One response to “Be the first to see Ameezing’s New ‘About’ Page!

  1. Movan

    Beautiful pics! And here’s wishing you and Ameezing a most exciting 2012! One that’s filled with wonder, love, and family and friends, as you go ever in search of all things ‘ameezing.’ 🙂

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