The Year was 1984

So this was the last time I modelled:

I was four years old and modelling for my aunt who was a fashion student at the time.  I don’t remember much about the experience except reeally liking that Hello Kitty compact and the plastic-y smell of the sports bag.  In 2012 Ameezing the Blog is going to be growing in all kinds of directions and the one of those directions is Frock Pics or ‘What I wore today’ posts (I think I’ll stick with ‘Frock Pics’).  I’ve never done any before, except for this one, so I thought the beautiful backdrop of the Drakensberg mountains was a good place to dip my toes in this idea. I’m wearing a vintage dress, vintage belt and gumboots from the Oriental Plaza.  Ha ha, this is going to be fun!

Tomorrow is my family’s faux Christmas.  We’re all going to be in separate places on the actual Christmas so we’re celebrating tomorrow.  With the exception of faux Christmas Day,  Ameezing the Blog is not going on holiday at all.  The search of all things Ameezing continues!  So when you’re not on the beach, on skiing, or decking the halls with bells of holly, stop by and say hi.

Thanks to Ameezing Joel for taking these pics.


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3 responses to “The Year was 1984

  1. Berni Chin

    You are just stunning! Can’t wait for the frocks posts next year – I love seeing what you wear and love. It totally inspires me!

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