Next Door To Happiness

On Friday, out of the blue, I discovered my favourite sound.  Runners up include the sound of a baby giggling (I know, I know), the clunky, steaming sound of a coffee machine, when classical musicians breathe between playing, any kind of bell chiming, the mealie lady, the wind, the popcorn popping sound of fingers typing and the music that plays in any romantic comedy when the guy goes to win over the girl.

But on Friday night, my ears smiled their biggest smile.  I was in my bedroom getting ready for Joel’s birthday party, and in the lounge, a group of our friends had gathered for pre-party drinks and pizza.  There was music playing, glasses clanking, at one point someone was reading something from the net and everyone laughed, there was gentle teasing and news and catching up, layers of conversations. Nothing fancy, just being together in the same space.  I sat, with my mascara in my hand, my heart glowing like a determined ember, listening and feeling all tingly with happiness.



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3 responses to “Next Door To Happiness

  1. little one

    I think this may be my favourite post.

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