2012 – Year of the Bedroom

I’m officially declaring 2012 the Year of the Bedroom.  And the year of travel, tattoos, trying new things and Ameezing getting her very own sponsors.  But more on those in a bit.  Back to the bedroom.  Mine at the moment is a lovely but slightly strange mix of things on purpose and things that have somehow wandered in, plonked themselves on the floor and just stayed.

So next year, I’m going to respray my wrought iron bed from black to white, repaint my Beauty and the Beast dressing table, scavenge and make over new/old side tables and lamps and just generally turn my bedroom into a boudoir.  Ooh la la.

I love the space above for its simple mix of cosy, yet uncluttered.  Colour and space.  And mysterious combination of playfulness and grown up-ness.

More bedroom lovin’ references coming soon.


[Image – D E  S I G N L O V E F E S T]

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