Five Things Friday

It’s Monday and it’s Five Things Friday, what a day!

As mentioned here, a little while ago on a weekend away in the Magliesberg, we played dress up at dusk.  I was really excited about styling and shooting my friend Lauren.  And holy panda’s toenails, was she brilliant.  A big thank you to Aadil for taking these beautiful photos, to Lauren for diving right in, to the lovely Nola at stuff that’s nice and to Judge, for being the best spur of the moment lighting guy a gal could ask for.

Five Moments At Dusk



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5 responses to “Five Things Friday

  1. CousinRobyn

    Wow, these turned out incredible! Good job Camilla, Lauren, Judge and Aadil!

  2. Berni Chin

    Loved the lens flare on the 3rd photo (have a penchant for lens flares). Lauren looks ameezing, what a fantastic job everyone. You are all so talented.

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