Small Talk, Shmall Talk…

Over time, and thanks largely to the brilliant, unknowing coaching of The Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane, I have gotten much better at conversation.  The dance of small talk, big talk, medium talk,  all seems a little easier when you know the steps and practice and practice and well, practice.

Here’s my question though…In a social situation, how the heck do you end off a conversation? Whether you know someone fairly well or are meeting for the first time, once you’ve done the dance of chinwagging, how do you round things off and walk away?  Bow? Curtsy? I normally go with something terribly awkward like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to the bathroom now. Bye.’  A silly, little line Hugh Grant taught me in ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’.  But there has to be a more gracious, less horrifying way to exit a conversation, doesn’t there?!

There’s the classic, ‘It was lovely to see/meet you’ and ‘Oooh, I see So and So, I must go say hello’.  But both of those and all their similiar companions leave me feeling like I’m reading the script for a SNL skit of Mad Men called Rad Men.  (I’d totally watch that.)

So my question to you, Ameezingalicious, is what do you do?  At a party, at a braai, around the vending machine, whilst drinking wheatgrass shooters, how do you walk away feeling, not only like that went well but like it ended well too?

Help me! Because at the moment all I have, on a good day, is ‘Okay…bye’.



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4 responses to “Small Talk, Shmall Talk…

  1. Sgt. Pepper

    I take the overstay my welcome route. Make them leave. Make them feel guilty/pity for you. Winner.

  2. Karin

    Very tricky ….excellent question !

    try changing the topic to one you know they wil not be interested in , so they get bored ?
    ….it was lovely catching up with you …. but I must dash ….
    … I don’t mean to be rude ,but I must catch ” ….. ” before they leave…

  3. Karin

    …how would ” the ever lovely Lindsay Jane ” recommend handling a polite exit ?

  4. Ooh Karin, I’m going to ask her and get back to you!

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