Some House Keeping…

Like a little weed in the sunshine, Ameezing the Blog is quietly and steadily growing, and for that I want to say Thank You to You, Ameezing Reader, for being just that.  Pardon the cliché, but I really wouldn’t be here without you.  So thank you.

To some house keeping, if you’d like to become a follower of Ameezing, click on the ‘Join Team Ameezing’ link in the right hand column.  And, let’s be twitter friends @ameezingtheblog.  I’m a twitter rookie, but it’s little, blue birdie claws have already taken hold.

Also, want more Ameezing? Check out past posts sorted by date and category, all in the right hand column.

There wah, house clean.  Now let’s have G and T’s and talk about the dreamy door to door aircon salesman…


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