Joel Janse van Vuuren Winter Collection – A Sneak Peek!

Sometimes, there’s this moment when you come home from a long day, open the door and the delicious smell of your favourite dinner hits you like a cloud of joy.  Having the best housemates (whether brothers, sisters, friends, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends) really is ameezing.  Lately, my clouds of joy have come in the form of breathtaking new designs by Joel.  Every day, for the last while, I have opened the front door and literally gasped at the new, beautiful creation on the sewing mannequin.

Joel shows at Winter Fashion Week at the end of September and I can not wait for the fashion who’s who to see the magic that has been whipped up in our very own front entrance room (we call it The Studio but it’s really just a front entrance room).  Joel, you are the garment whisperer.  I am so proud of the quiet, humble,  determined way you have created ameezingly beautiful pieces once again.  I want to wear them all, whilst running through the streets of Paris, with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers in one hand and a vintage suitcase full of delicious pastries in the other.  Whilst the snow falls silently around me.  That.  Would be Ameezing.

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One response to “Joel Janse van Vuuren Winter Collection – A Sneak Peek!

  1. Movan

    Joel the ameezing – we are so proud of you!

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