Hullabaloo at the Tattoo

Last week, my aunt, who is a brilliant journalist, got four press tickets to the Joburg Tattoo at Monte Casino.  Four of us lasses went to check it out.  I have never been to a tattoo before, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a picture of one.  I imagined we would all stand in crowds (like in Medieval times) and watch two William Wallace lookalikes on a homemade stage, duelling with wooden swords.  There was no duelling, but there were William Wallace lookalikes, about six of them, in a Scottish rock band called ‘Haggis and Bong’ who played whilst girls with straight backs and sharp swords danced around the square.

Whilst we watched the different performances my Aunt, the brilliant journalist, took some notes for her review the next day.  We shared her notebook and I took some notes too.

-The Tattoo started late.
-We didn’t have to stand around like in Medieval times.
-Leopard Skin and tartan go together surprisingly well.
-The lights were very blue.
-We bought a programme and then got one for free.
-I thought ‘media’ meant free wine and snacks.  Sad face.
-I wonder if they’re nervous?
-Haggis and Bong (I think they’re going to be huge).
-The New Zealand marching girls looks like Scottish Air Hostesses of the future.
-There was an Asian Scottish Guy.
-Live Music always makes me want to cry.  In a good way.
-Some of the bag pipers wore leprechaun shoes
-The Kroonstad Army Marching Band doing Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’.  Best Moment Ever.
-Trumpet playing band member having an epileptic fit and biting his tongue and ‘Cash in Transit’ re-enactment scene both definately low points.
-The Code Red Drumming Corps wore bullet proof vests.  It was scary.  And kind of cool.

Experiencing a Tattoo.  Tick.

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One response to “Hullabaloo at the Tattoo

  1. Lucille Davie

    Thanks for the compliment, niece, but I am far from brilliant. You, on the other hand, are a brilliant blogger!
    Your aunt.

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