I Just Called To Say I Love You

Hello Ameezing Friends.  It seems that Blog Years work like Dog years, I haven’t had a chin wag with you for a few days, but it feels like its been decades.  And as usual, not saying hi has left a little gap in my heart.  Turns out, you, dear ameezing reader, are the circle to my ring binder.

So hello again, I promise not to be gone for too long again any time soon.  Spring is here.  Actually, I think Spring tried to make an appearance but Summer, her bigger, bossier sister was having none of that.  So the weather is perfect. I can’t even remember what clouds look like (that may sound bad but it’s actually super fantastic).  And all kinds of calm, wonderful winds of change are gently, persistently blowing all over town.  Exciting times.

This is a picture snapped with my Blackberry on a shoot a few weeks ago.  I like it when fake meets real and they get on really well. It’s always weird and completely wonderful.

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