Of Truck Drivers and Book Deals…

I have a dream (I know, I know), it goes like this…  Girl mysteriously but completely legally acquires a large sum of money and an American passport.  Girl uses large sum of money and American passport to travel to America.  Girl finds quaint, small town to live in, just a train ride away from NYC.  Girl works in local diner for a few months, wearing a small apron and white tennis shoes and pouring passing truck drivers truck loads of coffee.  Girl writes a quirky and entertaining yet intelligent book about her experiences as a South African girl working in a small town diner, pouring coffee and talking to truck drivers.  Girl’s book becomes an international best seller.  The New York Times calls girl’s book ‘Eat Pray Love meets Gilbert Grape, but better’.  Girl gets agent and publisher and huge wardrobe of designer shoes.  Girl lives happily ever after, writing books and raising gorgeous, half Thai babies.

Sounds ameezing, no?

[Thank Google for this image]



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2 responses to “Of Truck Drivers and Book Deals…

  1. Lucille Davie

    Sounds like a talented writer I know. A good happy, ever after story.

  2. Karin

    I would look forward to reading that book ( loved Eat,Pray,Love ) and would especially look forward to half Thai babies – children are such an unexplainable gift

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