I Miss You

Hello Ameezing Friends, its been long hey?! And I miss you.  It’s funny to say there really hasn’t been time over the last few weeks for this little thing called blogging, but there reeeally hasn’t been.  Shame.  There’s a few things I have been wanting to talk to you about, some I’ll come back to and some, have kind of dissolved in a moment in time, but I still wish we’d had a chin wag about them.

I’ve gotten more responsibility at work and the lessons I have learnt from that, one of the top ones being ‘Confidence’.  Confidence assures, explains, sells, fixes, keeps calm and carries on.  You can never have enough confidence.  Or double-sided tape.  The terribly tragic death of Amy Winehouse.  The opening of the Rosebank Gautrain (there’s now a train running underground virtually right outside my front door.  Ameezing).  Being broody, since this post about love and divorce, I have discovered a new-found freedom in honesty here.  Even if it’s a little scary.  More about babies and divorce to come (‘Oh no she di-ent’).  Super excitement about a little Cape Town getaway with Mr Ameezing next week.  I’m a Joburger through and through, I work too much, stress alot and get a kick out of violently beautiful sunsets, but Cape Town is my secret crush.  One I will never act on, but sometimes fantasize about.  So I am really looking foward to a little flirting session next week.

I took this lantern picture in Thailand in January whilst on the back of a scooter, with Mr Ameezing expertly navigating the traffic (helmets? In Thailand? Never!)  We stopped at a traffic light and I glanced up to see a sky of lanterns.  I look at this photo often, to remember that moment and the ocean of feelings it came with.


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  1. Cousin Robyn

    More! More! More!

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