Love Actually…

I’m a divorced, hopeless romantic.  There, I said it.  And as a divorced, hopeless romantic (there, I said it again), my heart is filled with warmth at seeing moments of love, real love, quiet love, dare I say ‘old’ love.  Love that has spanned decades and survived many adventures.  The kind of love that gives renewed hope to divorced, hopeless romantics (that’s three times in one post now).  Love that no matter what happens, the journey has come this far.  What a privilege to witness moments like these between the oldest generation of my family.  I snapped these shots on our recent family holiday to the bush.  No one in these pictures knew they were being photographed, I was just lucky enough to see these moments and capture them.


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6 responses to “Love Actually…

  1. Ant C

    You are ameezing in your insight, you hopeless romantic, you! Beloveds are really something, huh? I think we are all lucky.

  2. Karin

    ” The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
    Is to love and be loved in return. ”
    Natalie Cole

    thank you Ameezing for loving us so well to share this

  3. Movan

    You brought tears to my eyes.For the words and the pictures. x x

  4. Sam

    Beautiful, brave and inspiring post.

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