My Family and Other Animals

Last week, twenty of my family members and I went on a week-long holiday to a bush lodge to celebrate my Mom and Uncle’s 60th birthdays.  Knitting was knitted, wine was drank, cheetahs were patted, much merriment was had around the campfire, babies were baby sat, poker was played, game drives were driven, dessert was eaten after pretty much every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and I spent a lot of the time marvelling at this group of interesting, loving, special and wonderful gathering of people who I get to call my family.  We stayed at the Ameezing Tshukudu Game Lodge.

My Mama, Papa and Ameezing Hunter - Best Photo Ever

Baby Tristan


Lovely Maxine


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3 responses to “My Family and Other Animals

  1. Movan

    Hooray for a WONDERUL family and a great holiday at Tshukudu! 🙂

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