A Thirty-Six Hour Affair to Remember

On a Tuesday, not so long ago, the Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane sent me a text saying, ‘I have a meeting in Cape Town on Monday, let’s go for the weekend’.

What a genius idea it turned out to be.  With the spirit of someone with a much heavier bank account, I hopped on a plane on Saturday morning and met the Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane that afternoon.  After spending a delicious day catching up with Neil (of ‘Wednesday Socks on Friday‘ fame) and his lovely partner, Abri.

Together, Lindsay-Jane and I were the ultimate Cape Town tourists.  We ate dinner in the city, drove to Kalk Bay, walked on the beach, discovered a beautiful grave yard tucked away in the mountains, drove to Franschoek, drank wine and ate deelicious cheese, stumbled upon an orchid farm, danced amoung the vines of a wine farm, then drove along Chapman’s Peak, walked along Llandudno beach and finally dashed to the airport.  All the while taking way too many ‘jumping tourists’ photos and continually ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ and sighing at the ameezing sights of Cape Town.

I am besotted with Joburg, utterly in love, always will be.  But perhaps steamy affairs with other cities every now and again are the best way to sustain this love.

The bird, the bicycle, the ferris wheel and the mountain.




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3 responses to “A Thirty-Six Hour Affair to Remember

  1. little one

    that bird, ferris wheel, bike and mountain photo is genius.

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  3. Ksenia

    best city ever

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