Transatlantic Double Dating

Last night Aadil and I had a Skype double date with the ameezing Jacqui and Ryan who moved to London almost six weeks ago.  (It’s been six weeks already!)  They gave us a tour of their new flat and we drank wine and whisky (Ryan drank Fosters) and we talked and talked and talked.  Right up to the moment they went off into the cold London evening to Quiz Night at their local pub where they were determined to improve their position of last from the previous week.  It was so nice seeing them again.  Ryan had to remind me a few times to use my library voice, I’ve never really skyped before and so was projecting like I was in a theatre production of Hamlet.  Spending time with them made me miss them even more, but holy panda’s toenails Skype is ameezing.

They came third last.  High Five ameezing friends!



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6 responses to “Transatlantic Double Dating

  1. Look. I was online. As proven by my little green tick. Next time invite me for a threesome.

  2. Waleenie

    It was truly ameezing. Who is this Koos?

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