Flat, Sweet, Flat

My brother, The Ameezing Joel, and I are moving into a new flat at the end of March.  A little but super sweet space in Killarney that is in excellent condition, allows small dogs (yessssss) and reminds us alot of the big, old Parkview house my Aunt and Uncle used to live in during our childhood. I think it’s the wooden floors, wooden doors and thick wooden skirting boards that do it.  So I have been thinking about all things house for the last couple of days.  I love, love creating spaces.  A world that is made up of a collection of things so completely unique to that person and moment in their lives. When moving house I find it an interesting exercise to see  that some things suddenly seem completely unneccessary and that others have become a part of your life story.  And without them your home would feel like a book with pages missing.

I don’t normally post pictures from the web (there are many bloggers who are much better at that than I am).  But after going through some old sourced pictures for home inspiration I have picked out five spaces to share with you.  All completely different from each other but all with a colour, a texture, a collection, a feeling, that is ameezing.  Unfortunately I have had these images for too long to remember where they came from.  If you know, please share.  Giving credit where credit is due is ameezing too.


Entrance Hall Love

Kitchen Love

Dining Room Love

Lounge Love (Go the Rodarte Sisters)

Bedroom Love

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One response to “Flat, Sweet, Flat

  1. MoVan

    What great spaces!! I love them!
    I read a quote by Alain de Botton from his book ‘The Architecture of Happiness’ ‘..our house is not only a physical but also psychological sanctuary – a guardian of identity.’ True one!

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