Once upon a time…

A while ago, when days were much darker, I wrote this as the beginning of something.  The middle is still in progress and the end is definitely a mystery.  But for the sake of living more honestly and not squirreling ideas away anymore I’m hitting copy and paste.  Page one, paragraph one:

As I watch the boiling water spurt into the mug and bloat the tea bag, it occurs to me that I don’t own any spoons.  Or knives or forks.  Or dinner plates or pots or glasses or sponges.  Chopping knives, frying pans, a bread board and that little thing you keep the plug in are all missing too.

When you find yourself, in the middle of the night, standing in a kitchen so empty  that it  feels like a Christmas tree without decorations,  you begin to wonder.  I look at my six champagne glasses, one olive pitter and empty utensil holder (never a more useless trio, even Macgyver himself would blush and shrug) and feel my heart pouring out of my eyes.

My Granny always used to say two things: “Too late, too late she cried, as she waved her wooden leg”  and “Well, that’s a Bloody Cheek”.    Neither of those expressions were ever very useful in passing wisdom down through the family tree but they are what I think about as I stand in my unintentionally minimalist kitchen at midnight, eating pot noodles with pencil crayons and straining that tea bag with my car key.



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4 responses to “Once upon a time…

  1. Bernadette Chin

    I hope those dark days are well and truly behind you. Your honesty was so engaging and brought tears to my eyes. You will no doubt have learned from your experience and will never again take something as simple as a teaspoon for granted. Here’s wishing the rest of your life is continuously filled with all of the little things that make it easier. 🙂

  2. Karin

    so happy that your days are ” brighter ” ,your wonderful writing certainly brightens and lifts my day ! I feel I get to know you a little better each time I am priviledged to read one of these, clearly personal, gems from your observations on life

  3. Thank you for reading! It is so awesome to have a space like this. Not a dark day in sight…

  4. MoVan

    So that dark time was another tick for that ever-filling book of life.
    But like Bernadette, I wish you a life filled with little things that make your life more comfortable, especially teaspoons! 🙂

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