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Wait, I can explain…What started as busy times at work, ended with full-blown blogaphobia.  Here’s what happened:

I got really hectic at work and had no time to post.  Then work madness continued and I still couldn’t post.  Then, when I had the time I got scared of posting because of some weird loss of confidence.  And then, I forgot how to post all together.  All the while, and somewhat inexplicably, taking photos and collecting stories for Ameezing, but doing nothing with them except squirreling them away for a rainy day.  Well, dear friends, open those umbrellas, build an ark, because it took a month of posting silence to realise that the rain has come, will come, does come.  We make it come.  We should be wooing the ass off rain because in between these rainy days we save for, are perfectly average partly cloudy days that could be something magical if we gave them half a chance.

Thank you for the encouragement, understanding and gentle scolding in real life.  I needed it.  I have missed you.  Happy 2011 Ameezing friends.  Now let’s go singing in the rain…


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